G.a.r.f.i.e.l.d. App

This project aims to create a gamification strategy recommendation system for educators so that they can apply gamification in the classroom and digital systems quickly and efficiently.

In this project I worked with a team of PhD researchers from USP|ICMC. They used Data Mining techniques and association rules to create these recomendations and my role in the project was to create the app UI and help define some of the game design elements definitions (such as Narrative and Storytelling). We ran surveys and conducted user interviews for the empatize, define and ideate steps. We then created a high fidelity prototype based on these mockups for usability and academic studies.

* This prototype is not public as this is an academic research in progress.


UX Designer


Graphic Design, Photoshop


Graphic Design and UX Design



(2019) Analysing gamification elements in educational environments using an existing Gamification taxonomy. Smart Learning Environments6(1), 1-14.
Toda, A. M., Klock, A. C., Oliveira, W., Palomino, P. T., Rodrigues, L., Shi, L., ... & Cristea, A. I.
(2020) Validating the effectiveness of data-driven gamification recommendations: An Exploratory study.
Toda, A., Palomino, P., Rodrigues, L., Oliveira, W., Shi, L., Isotani, S., & Cristea, A.

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