Paula Toledo Palomino, Armando Toda, Luiz Rodrigues, Wilk Oliveira, Seiji Isotani.

Paper published at SBGames 2020

One of the main challenges we face in the educational domain nowadays is the lack of student engagement in traditional teaching methods. One way to address this challenge is through the use of gamification strategies, especially in educational systems. In this paper we address some difficulties and possible solutions to this challenge, discussing high-impact national studies in the area which obtained international recognition, whose strategies together comprise frameworks and guidelines that assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of gamified strategies both from the point of view of the developers, the teachers and the students themselves.

Palomino, P., Toda, A., Rodrigues, L., Oliveira, W., & Isotani, S. (2020). From the Lack of Engagement to Motivation: Gamification Strategies to Enhance Users Learning Experiences. In 2020 19th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment (SBGames)-GranDGames BR Forum.

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