Paula Toledo Palomino, Armando Toda, Wilk Oliveira, Luiz Rodrigues, Seiji Isotani.

Paper published at RENOTE 17 (2019)

This paper presents an experience report concerning the use of a platform called “Storium” in the subject of “Interactive Fiction” for undergraduate students, from a Digital Design Course. The objective was to use the learning theories of constructivism and multimedia learning to create an instructional plan devised to teach the students how to create complex interactive narratives and stories from a practical perspective. During the course, the students learned the subject’s theoretical concepts and applied them directly, creating their own interactive fiction. The results from this research propose a new approach, using digital tools whose resources provide an environment for the creation of interactive narratives. These narratives can be used to aid future designs of instructional plans for complex writing concepts.

Palomino, P. T., Toda, A. M., Oliveira, W., Rodrigues, L., & Isotani, S. (2019). Teaching Interactive Fiction for Undergraduate Students with the Aid of Information Technologies: An Experience Report. RENOTE, 17(3), 527-536.

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