Paula Toledo Palomino, Armando Toda, Wilk Oliveira, Luiz Rodrigues, Seiji Isotani

Paper published at SBGames 2019

Gamification applied to education studies is often related to the student’s motivation and performance in specific tasks. However, what stimulates one student does not always have the same result as another one. Thus, some methods were developed to group and identify gamification users’ preferences, called “gamer types”. By identifying the “gamer type” of a user, it is possible to tailor a gamified educational system (GES) to achieve better results. This approach, however, has some limitations, such as the fact that these classifications are based on the behavioural profiles of gamers and that, in order to identify the profile, the process is relatively complex and time-consuming. This paper proposes a new approach in the identification of student’ profiles for use in a GES, using Jung’s 12 universal archetypes, concepts of Peirce’s Triadic Semiosis, and Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. We address these concepts and how it was related in the design process of avatar creation interfaces for a GES focused on the game elements of narrative and storytelling.

Palomino, P. T., Toda, A. M., Oliveira, W., Rodrigues, L., & Isotani, S. (2019). Gamification journey: A Novel approach for classifying gamer types for gamified educational systems. Simpósio Brasileiro de Jogos e Entretenimento Digital, 2019.

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