Paula Toledo Palomino, Armando Toda, Wilk Oliveira, Alexandra Cristea, Seiji Isotani.

Paper published at ICALT 2019

Gamification applied to education studies are focusing to encourage students to perform specific tasks, however many of these studies are still inconclusive about how much gamification can influence engagement. Also, the frameworks used to apply gamification in those systems are mainly structural (e.g. scoring and ranking systems) rather than content frameworks (where the game elements are applied to the content). Therefore, this paper aims at creating a narrative definition exclusively for gamification purposes. First, we developed empirical research starting with a literature review of the narrative concept in other media, such as games. Then, we mapped these definitions into features and crossed the similarities and differences across them, to find a common ground that could be applied in gamification contexts. Our results show that the narrative element definition to use in gamification contexts best drifts from the games ones, however, its definition is unique to the point it could be isolated and used in future frameworks. We also found that the characteristics of this concept resemble some of the User Experience.

Palomino, P. T., Toda, A. M., Oliveira, W., Cristea, A. I., & Isotani, S. (2019, July). Narrative for gamification in education: why should you care?. In 2019 IEEE 19th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) (Vol. 2161, pp. 97-99). IEEE.

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